Driving directions to Lefka apartments

  • We are located about or 2½ Km west of Chania downtown.
  • If you are coming from the east, you have to pass Chania downtown and continue west to the main road (the old National Road) that goes to Agia Marina and Platanias. After about 2 Km from Chania downtown you will see to your left a stone fence with trees and of course the sign. That's Lefka apartments, by the road almost opposite of a big super market called AB Vasilopoulos and by Diafano, which is a well known local clothing retail shop. Remember the area is called Yermaniko Pouli (it means German Bird!) and everybody knows it.
  • If you have a GPS please check if Lefka apartments are listed; othwerise try to enter the coordinates:
    • Latitude: 35.50709
    • Longitude: 23.99281
  • Always use Google maps for drving directions to Lefka apartments; they are very accurate.

Bus transport in Crete & Chania

Long distance (intercity - KTEL) buses

  • KTEL is the general name given to the Intercity Road Transport Companies in Greece.
  • For bus connections & timetables please visit the KTEL's site.
  • You can buy tickets at the bus stations or on line.
  • In Chania, there is only one KTEL bus station in the town center, about 2 Km from Lefka apartments.
  • In Heraklion there are three bus stations. The station that serves Chania is across the road from the port, near the marina.
Chania main bus terminal to Lefka apartments

Chania airport to Chania town

  • You can the KTEL bus to travel from Chania airport to the main bus station in Chania. Please check for timetables and rates.
  • From Chania town you can take the local bus to Lefka apartments
  • A quick and easy option is to take a taxi from Chania airport to Lefka apartments. The distance is about 18 Km and a taxi costs 30-35 €. If you send us your flight number and time of arrival we would be more than happy to arrange for a taxi to pick you up from the airport

Souda port to Chania

  • Local buses to Souda (the port of Chania) depart just in front of the main market (about 300 meters from 1866 square from where the buses to Lefka apartments start).

Chania to Lefka apartments

  • Local buses from Chania to Lefka apartments run from 1866 Square, which is about 50 meters from the KTEL bus station (https://goo.gl/maps/51KdDcbxuVf3fCuK8).
  • The buses are very frequent and run every 15-20 minutes.
  • Tickets to Lefka apartments cost 1.10€ (free for children up to 6 years old), per person, one-way, and you can buy them in advance from kiosks or at Lefka apartments. If you get on the bus without a ticket you pay 2 € to the driver.
  • You can take buses number 15 (Daratso-Galatas-Kalamaki) or number 21 (Kalamaki). Bus numbers and destinations are written on the top of each bus.
  • More information such as timetables can be found in the local bus service web site.
  • You get off at the bus stop number 74379 (labeled Germaniko Pouli), next to AB supermarket; we are located just across the bus stop.
  • A taxi on the other hand would be 5-7 €.
Chania local bus terminal to Lefka apartments
Airports & flights in Crete

Crete has two international airports

  • Chania (CHQ). The airport of Chania, which is small but fairly new, is only 15 Km from the city and 17 Km from Lefka apartments; therefore it's better to have your flight arranged to Chania than Heraklion.
  • Heraklion (HER). Heraklion airport serves much more destinations but it's about 5 Km from the center of Heraklion and 140 Km from Chania and Lefka apartments.

Arranging a taxi

  • If you want, we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up from either Chania (price 30€) or Heraklion (price 170€) airport.
  • To arrange a taxi we need to know your flight number and time of arrival.
  • We don't charge anything extra for that and the price is the same as the one you would normally pay for a taxi; you pay directly to the driver.

Chania airport to Lefka apartments

  • Taxi. This is the easiest way; expect to pay about 30€.
  • Hire a car. This is highly recommended if you plan to explore the island (highly recommended since Crete & Chania are very beautiful but big).
  • Bus. Buses from the airport to Chania town are somewhat infrequent, as you can see in the timetable. From the main bus station in Chania you can take a taxi or a use the local bus to arrive to Lefka apartments. Local buses from Chania town to Lefka apartments (numbers 15 and 21) depart from 1866 Square, very close to the main bus station in Chania.
Chania airport (CHQ) to Lefka apartments

Heraklion airport to Lefka apartments

  • Taxi. This is a bit expensive. Since the distance is about 140 Km expect to pay about 170€.
  • Hire a car. Again, highly recommended - the road (the new National road as it's called on the maps) is not that difficult and it will take you a couple of hours driving. For driving directions to Lefka apartments, please check Google maps or our site.
  • Bus. This is a very good option also. Buses are new, air conditioned, frequent and not expensive. However, you need to go to the main bus station in Heraklion (taxi or bus from Heraklion airport), then take the bus from Heraklion to Chania and then use the local bus (or easier a taxi) to arrive at Lefka apartments.
Heraklion airport (HER)to Lefka apartments

Domestic flights

Within Greece, all flights are a short hop, so you might think there would be little to choose between airlines. Basically there are two airlines that fly to Chania from Athens or Thessaloniki airports:

International - Charter flights

  • There are many charter flights from April to October but since Heraklion is the capital of Crete the number of charter flights to Heraklion is greater than to Chania.
  • To search for flights to Crete use the"Skyscanner Flight Search" widget
  • TUI flights from UK to Crete, TUI UK
  • TUI flights from Sweden to Crete, TUI fly
  • Charter flights are available to Crete from most European countries.

Ferry connections to Crete

From Piraeus

  • Chania has daily ferry boat connections to Piraeus from the harbor at Souda with ANEK Lines and Blue Star Ferries. Heraklion, which lies about 140 Km from Chania, has also daily ferry connections to Piraeus with ANEK Lines, Minoan Lines and Supefast Ferries.
  • Piraeus to Crete sailings take about 9 hours on standard ferries and about 6 hours on the high-speed ferries.
  • On the Athens (Piraeus) - Crete route, overnight ferries arrive at their destination between 5.00 and 6.30 in the morning.
Souda port to Lefka apartments

From Santorini

Unfortunately there are no ferries going from Santorini to Chania. There are however fast ferries from Santorini to Herakion:

From Peloponese

  • Check LANE Lines for timtables, pricing and booking.

On line booking

For all the ferries, you can buy tickets in advance from:

Information on ferry routes & timetables

  • Check OpenSeas or Greek Travel pages for information on available routes for all Greek islands.
  • Please note that the ferries sail when the weather is considered suitable and stable conditions are predicted. If the weather is bad, sailings will be cancelled (not often - but there are a few such days every year, especially during the winter), and you should be accommodated on the next available sailing.
Heraklion port to Lefka apartments